Roses Ecuador

Ecuador is considered to be the birthplace of the most beautiful and unusual roses. If you ask any florist, where they grow the best roses, the answer is straightforward - in Ecuador. Best Ecuadorian roses are grown on the slopes of extinct volcanoes.

The total area of the flower plantations in Ecuador is about 4,000 hectares, the largest space which is occupied by roses! Ecuadorian roses are many varieties - more than four hundred.

Throughout the world Ecuador roses are very popular. They are ordered in 72 countries in Europe, Asia and North Africa, today Ecuador is one of the largest suppliers of roses. We offer wholesale deliveries of roses from Ecuador to the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia, directly from the plantations! We work with many plantations in Ecuador and are constantly monitoring the situation on the market. Thus, you can get high-quality cut flowers at the best price.

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